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Paper Football Pro FlickIT


If you love AMERICAN FOOTBALL then Kickoff off the action with FlickIT Paper Football. Score a touchdown when you FLICK the triangular shaped paper football and it hangs partially over the edge of the table without falling off. Or kick a field-goal through through a goal post made of fingers and thumbs!
Now the greatest table top version of the football goes digital with double-coverage 3D graphics and incredible game play!
--------------------------------------------------------Multiplayer gaming included.
New TD Cam to see the action!
Professional Stadium Desk Top Stadium Outer Space Stadium (only in Pro version)
12 teams to unlock (only in Pro version)
- Multiplayer Internet Games included at no charge!- Also includes private gaming for personal tournament play!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------More info our website:
What's New in version 1.9.13---------------------------------------- Online play now handles field goals properly.
- If you miss a field goal other team now takes over from where you kicked from.
- Upgraded online game server. Must upgrade to version 1.9 to uses the new server.
What's New in version 1.8.X---------------------------------------- Added the Touch Down Cam- Upgraded the online server for online play- Fixed bug where game ended with time left of clock.- Fixed program so if you kick a field goal and you miss, then the opponent takes over at that location.
What's New in version 1.7---------------------------------------- Bug Fixes to improve connections
What's New in version 1.6---------------------------------------(1) Multiplayer being available to everyone!(2) Faster gameplay.(3) New team unlock system. - - - Much easier to unlock teams with achievements!(4) A tweak to the controls.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------More info our website: